My Blessing

I am the mother of an amazing 6 year old son (and an 11 year old stepson) who has been diagnosed Autistic. He is high functioning and verbal so I do have it "easier" than some mothers of Autistic children. I did not suspect that anything was "different" about my son until he was 3 or 4 years old. I just assumed that I had a quiet baby who was slow to talk and potty train. However his "scripting" and "obsessions" were a giveaway that something was unusual. Fortunately I have 2 particular supportive friends who saw the signs before my husband and I did. One having an Autistic son and the other an Autistic sister. We had him diagnosed (at 4 years old) and do everything in our power to make life more comfortable for our son. He never fails to make me proud. I would do anything I possibly could to help make him more at ease in social situations and work through some of his obsessions and scripting but I would not want him any other way because in my opinion his Autism is a huge part of who he is. If he did not have it then who would he be?! He may have a completely different personality. We make the most of it! I feel blessed and believe that I was given this special little boy because I am the only Mama capable of giving him exactly what he needs and understanding him as I do. We have the strongest bond imaginable!! He loves his Mama as much as she loves him!! xoxo
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@ MommyJean, i am 19,male, was diagnosed at 16 by alot of different doctors, my perspective?? on life?? or of the world, well i love my life but as a kid i was made fun of alot, my view of the world is to establish peace as a ruler

You do personally? Do you mind me asking how old you are now? And if you are male or female? This may sound forward but I would love to hear your perspective. My son will be in your shoes. And I would love to have the know how to make his life much more comfortable and support him the best I can. He is my world! <3

i have high functioning autism, was diagnosed at 16