Kate And Williams Wedding

I thought I would share a little story to hopefully make a few of you smile.

We were watching the recent Royal wedding, when my autistic son ran through the lounge, he is a child of very few words (usually I want food or I want drink), he looked up at the television as the happy couple were exchanging vows, pointed and shouted 'Noddy's wedding', and raced away.

We were all in stitches for a long while after this.
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That's adorable!

Hi gallowaygal, <br />
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that's really sweet too, what a treasure he is.

How sweet that's lovely it made me smile

Noddy is a brightly coloured cartoon character here in the Uk, and wears a bright red coat.<br />
Prince William also wore a bright red jacket for his wedding, hence my son's proclomation.<br />
<br />
It just astounded us because it was pretty much the only thing he said that day, and I thought it was a wonderful observation.

What did he mean by noddy's wedding if you dont mind me asking?