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Another Post,lol

I think the speech issues are the worst part of my son's autism.I think if he could tell me things ,his behavior would be much better.We moved so i have to find speech services here,i don't know where to start .Who can i call?I have all his evaluation papers,but where do i take them?They said,(the 3 dr's)that they recomend ,speech,behavoir ,and pre school,at no charge to i call the school?He is constantly screaming and whining over everything.This morning,a piece of hair got stuck to his finger,and he flipped out!Screaming at the top of his lungs!Over a piece of gosh,lol
1prettygirl 1prettygirl 36-40, F 4 Responses Sep 18, 2012

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I agree with mamaneedsabreak. My son can get like this over having his nails cut or when we are out in noisy public places.

I don't want to be presumptuous but from my experience the hair thing could be signs of sensory problems which most kids with autism have. Maybe consider asking your doctors if they think you child would benefit from an occupational therapist to work on sensory things, they are very helpful.

yeah i'm getting all the therepy set up,behavioral,speech all that takes forever

When our son with autism was young, around three or four years old, he didn't talk much, used only a few words; the scariest thing was that he might be sick or in pain and not be able to tell us the problem. I'm sure that sounds familiar to you. Our boy is ten now and speaks fairly well; that worry is gone.

When it comes to speech therapy, I think you ought to call the local school board.

I'm glad for u,i am going to the school,when i get the last of the paperwork

When our boy was very young, about three years old, he was speaking very little, two or three words at the most I guess. A speech therapist from the county school system started making weekly visits; she started out teaching him sign language (American Sign Language or ASL); that was the big breakthrough for him: once he found he could communicate his wants and needs to us, it seemed, then he started speaking. But learning a few signs got him started!

I have two autistic sons so I know how you feel. Each child is different but when they lose it over something we might consider minor it can be overwhelming