Have I Done Enough ?

Since a very early age, I knew my son was different. He was a fussy baby, never able to be consoled. When a toddler, he never wanted to sleep. He had his own schedule. At 4, he was started on his first medicine, ritalin. He is a very bright child, well above average IQ. But life has been so difficult for him, and for us. He was hospitalized for the first time at age five. he was the youngest patient to have been admitted to that psych. center. We were given numerous diagnoses:ADHD, ODD, Bi-polar, OCD, but none ever really seems to fit. Since his first admit, he has be hospitalized 7 mores time. His last was in a long term residential center. He is now almost 13, and will finally be coming home for good next week after having spent 18 months in the hospital. It was only a year ago that we received the news that his true diagnoses is PDD-NOS. He also has Tourettes. I feel blessed that my son is verbal and able to communicate with me. Some autism groups dont really accept people who's kids 'only' have PDD. It has been hard to find anyone willing to accept me into their group and help me through this. I feel very lonely and afraid I have failed my son in some way. I feel like if I cant just find the right doctor, or clinic, or therapy I can make him better. I feel I havent done enough....
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It just seems odd that all those things your son has been diagnosed with, when you place them all together, sound a lot like aspergers or mild autism. Its called "high functioning autism" and its just emerging. You might want to look into it. I dont know your sons specific symptoms, but it just seems odd that they place all these things together and never consider that it is autism instead of PDD-NOS. My own son is diagnosed Autistic from a renound neurologist, and I would say he LOOKS at times OCD. He acts HYPER. He often appears defiant and does not do as he is asked. This is all a part of autism. Can you tell me who did your diagnosis? It seems that when the diagnosis is done by mental health, it often seems to turn out this way. Hope this helps you.

I want to thank you for sharing this and I can certainly understand your feelings of self-doubt. I too wonder if i have done enough? My son turned 2 today and his 2 yr well check is this week. We have a list a mile long of things to ask the dr. <br />
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I didn't know what PDD was so I looked it up on Wikipedia. Whereas, this doesn't fit my son, I did find a related site on Sensory Integration Dysfunction...and, after reading about Hypo sensitivities, I was MOVED...I had my husband come and read it, too. Too early to know, but it sounds eerily like my son and his tendencies of seeking out kinetic (touch) and visual stimulation. Had it not been for your posting, I don't know how I would've found this information or even begin to know what to look up, to begin my own research, to begin to find some answers. <br />
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Thank you.

Have you looked into getting your child in to be tested for Occupational Therapy. I work with many children with autism. We work in large part on self care and social skills, and sensory intergrations but we also work on secondary difficulties with fine motor skills and attention and so on. It would have been better if he had begun to recieve OT at a younger age but if you get him in soon there still may be help available. This should be done outpatient, not inpatient, at a pediatric clinic that provides these sort of services. You may need to get a primary physician to write a prescription for this but find and call a clinic first and find out what services they can provide your son.

I agree about getting them in as quick as you can. We started our son in occupational therapy when he was around 18 months. He is 9 and he still has the oc therapy and it has made such a difference I thank beautiful people like you ! What you people do is a blessing! Another thing I learned is sometimes you have to stand up for your child because they can't. We had a therapist that he just clashed with. The personalitys just did not mix. And we had problems at first in trying to decide to let her go or not because she was a therapist, but as a parent I knew she was doing more harm than good to him so we let her go. Then we found someone else and it worked out great! May the gods bless you!

I feel the exact same way! My son is four and I feel we are at the stage where his brain is pliable, but I feel like I am not doing enough! Where do I go? Who do I talk to? What therapy is legitimate? It is a very lonely place to be. Watching your child struggle and not knowing exactly what to do. I understand your pain!