I have been frustrated for the past 9 years because my husband and inlaws have been in denial as to my son's challenges and they did not inform me... I am his Stepmother. I met him when he was 4.

I have always known that there was something a little off center. I just thought that my son was inexperienced and that over time he would soon catch up with the other kids.  He's now 13 and has more in common with 5 yr olds than any one else really. He can hold a decent conversation with indulgent adults too. I am still amazed at how much he can do but does not seem to do without a lot of guidance. I have finally come to accept that he will need more time to develop his skills. I have always recognized that he is intelligent and capable.

Now that I have really awakened I am moving forward to get the help I need so that he can be all that he can.

LorQuest LorQuest
36-40, F
May 30, 2007