Waking Up

After deciding to leave my unfaithful and abusive husband, I took my son with me to live with my parents for a little while until I got back on my feet. Within a month of my leaving, not only was I dealing with the strains of a divorce, being a single mother, and the shame of having to move back home with mom and dad, my son's pediatrician suggested that he be evaluated for autism. For the past 2 years, it has been nothing but therapies, doctor visits, screenings, etc. Now we have a diagnosis and life is still in a whirlwind.

It's tough enough to try to learn how to be a parent to a typical child, let alone one with autism. I have to say, though, that raising him has really raised my awareness of the world around me. He sees things that people usually tend to overlook. For instance, he is enthralled by the dust particles floating in a sunbeam. The mere smell of paper can put a smile on his face like nothing else. When he is upset and having a tantrum, I can turn on a particular song and within the first note played, he automatically shuts off the tantrum and calms down. He plays by himself and needs little human interaction to be happy.

I feel like my life has changed enough by becoming a mother, but now I feel that I have a purpose in life.
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I decided that I would get the ringtone of my sons favorite cartoon theme song--just in case we were out somewhere and the meltdown happens. But it works every time. :)<br />
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You sound like even though you've been dealt some harsh hands, you would rather smile and find the wonder and energy in your son--good for you!

Hugs to u and ur son*

Many Blessings upon you and your son.

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story :) It is heartwarming to hear what your son has brought into your life and brought to you.