Have a Son With Autism.....truly a Blessing

When my son was diagnosed almost 9 years ago (August 29 2000) and just 5 days before his third birthday, we were floored, devastated, and totally unprepared for this lifer changing event. The developmental pediatrician who diagnosed him said he ranged any where from PDD-NOS to severely autistic. At the time of diagnosis I didn't have a clue that meant the entire spectrum. After doing some substantial research my husband and I came to the realization that our beautiful little boy was severely autistic. In addition to the severity issue he was also non-verbal. He would remain in this state through his pre-school years. Primarily because the pre-school all though claiming to be able to educate autistic children were actually incapable of the task.

The big change for improvement came when we enrolled our son then 6 into a school that is tailor made for children with moderate to severe autism. The school is located in Hershey PA and is about an hours drive from my home. The educational/behavioral model used at this school is ABA and CLM (competent learner model). The enrollment in this program was the best possible placement for our son. In addition to the school placement we also began him on a series of supplements that have been preened, added to and customized for our son's particular needs/issues.

Another huge improvement came when our son was tested for an AAC device. He was paired with the Dynavox 4, later to be upgraded to the 5. Since he has begun using the dynavox his negative behaviors are gone. There are occasional flairs of negative behaviors but for the most part they are gone.

The school staff as well as us the parents  recently did a C.A.R.S. for our son. Today he is now classified as mildly autistic.

Improvement is always possible and HOPE should be never ending.


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Feb 17, 2009