My Cousin

My cousin Lori ...she is unexplable ...she finds no faults with anyone  ...she is such a happy child who has autism ...the doctors told my uncle and aunt that she would  never be able to walk or talk ha! she fooled them. She walks slow but she gets their! and talks plenty ...she is now 16and will go to a school to teach her how to live and be independent  she will be in that school until she is 21. the doctors said shed never learn ...funny she learns very well what you teach her and has the best memorie. she can tell you something she remembers that was like a few years ago ...and you'll be like wow...that day was so fun ..or i can;t belive you remember that.i was very proud when she learned her adress and phone number and she can add some numbers if you help her.she has the mind of mebby a 9 year old ...she loves baby dolls(she rocks them in her arms and says shhh their sleeping) ...and beads when ever i go to my uncles house shes like you wanna come and play in my room! im like yeah ill make you a bracelet :).my cuz is amasing she just loves life ...loves everyone.but gets sick alot.this kid is always smiling.My cousin is always asking you love me? and everyones like yes lori we love you! she askes you that 20 or more times in a day.she has the most love cause she gives the love just cant not smile when you see her .its so funny how she says beautiful bootaful you look bootaful ...jeez and she can dance! for her sweet 16 my uncle threw her a big party and she had a white gown almost like a wedding dress ...i guess they figured shes never gonna ge married ..but she did look i could go on and on but you get it .i love her

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that sounds so sweet! Good for her for being surrounded by so much love!