Another Step Towards Awareness

One of our local movie theaters has started devoting special movie screenings for children with Autism or other special needs.  Because these kids often have sensory issues, the lights are turned up and the sound turned down.  They do not show any ads or previews.  And they absolutely don't run the "silence is golden" bit!  During these screenings there are NO inappropriate times to laugh, no limits on where or how you sit, and you can go to the concession stand 20 times if you want.  Parents and families are so grateful to be able to add movies to their list of activities.  It is an AMC theater.  Contact your local AMC and see if they are willing to do this. 

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20 Responses Feb 18, 2009

AMC has partnered up with the Autism Society. They are doing these special showings in 23 different cities, and often at more than one theater. You can find one near you at

Wow that is a neat idea and to think some places like that do care about special needs children. I cant wait to find out if our amc theatres do that thanks

Triciafly...this is exactly what I'd hope to hear. These experiences are so important to the kids. And then they can go to school and say they saw the movie too...invaluable.

I have done that with both of my autistic kids. It is the first time they have gone to a movie!! It's actually very entertaining to see all the kids running amuk and without having to restrain your kids for the sake of "politeness." I couldn't tell you a thing about the movie, but that is the farthest thing you from your mind.

Taking it global, pussycat, I love it!!!

Wow, that's so cool.<br />
I don't think we have AMC in Canada though. One of the theater chains needs to do something like this, I'm gonna look into it :)

Yes, Caska, I think we all agree that AMC is our new superhero.

that might be the coolest thing i've ever heard of a corporation doing. Gives me hope, ya know- that somebody cares about people who need more attention and time than others.<br />
<br />
As it is i prefer to go to an AMC than anywhere else and this certainly reinforces that.

Lilt, thank you for posting this. How progressive, and a great PR move to boot! I am close with several parents of children with varous neurological issues and will let them know about this. Awesome!


That is fantastic RA. You got involved right away! If AMC is doing it here, they may be doing it other areas too. I'll look into that...

Cool...I would imagine Kung fu Panda would work well for the kids. I just sent an email to AMC theatres about having a special event here. We'll see....thanks again!

Yes it is, PedroVoter. <br />
We need more gestures like this in our communities.

RA, they show what ever is out and popular. Last week it was Kung Fu Panda. AMC and Loews are the major theater owners, you probably have that. One mother said she was so grateful because her son has to sing loudly through the credits of every movie he watches.<br />
<br />
I think this is awesome.

Wow that is super sweet! I will most definitely contact our AMC (if we have one). That sounds like an awesome experience for them. What kind of movies are they showing?

Yes, those theater complexes are so big and have so many showings each day. This can't be a difficult thing for them to do.

Yes, some of the parents are saying they will only spend their $$ at AMC from now on. Loews better get with the program.

Their stock just went way up in my book! Wonderful!

No kidding!