Autism....need Help

My name is Jenna.  I am 20 years old, and soon to be going into the Marines.  My fiancee has a beautiful 7 year old daughter with Austism.  I am going to be meeting his daughter soon...and I dont know the first thing about austism.  I don't know how she is going to react to me, or how to talk to her, so she can understand.  Im kind of at a loss...and I dont mean to offend any of you here.  Please don't take it that way...Im just not sure what to do.  My fiancee tells me things about her daughter and she is such an amazing girl, but I dont want to keep harping on the fact of the austism to him.  I don't want him to think I'm not gunna like it, or anything.  I just need ways of communicating without frustrating my fiancee, his daughter and myself.  This is all very new to me.  Im just so excited...I want it to be perfect when she comes to jersey for easter.

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one of my good friends have Austism and i just talk to her like any other girl.

I'd ask him for specifics: is she verbal? If not, how does she communicate? If she uses the PES or sign language, it wouldn't hurt to give yourself a quick crash-course so you can greet her, etc. I'd also ask him what sort of sensory sensitivities she has, if any. That will guide you in terms of how loud to talk, how to approach her, etc. Beyond that, just treat her with the respect and care you would offer any child.

every person is different. some are more sensitive to smells some have texture issues. most cannot make direct eye contact. just dont force yourself on her let her get used to you first

@ MitchAndMaureen,<br />
Violence and autism do not go hand in hand, in fact, most autistic kids are not violent.

thank you

My nephew is autistic. He is sensitive to touch and noise. I have learned that it is best to hold out my hands for him to come to me for a hug or hand shake rather then just hugging him. It scares him with people come up and start hugging him.

Be yourself. <br />
Talk to her in the same way you would speak to any 7 yr. old.