I have a son with Autism and he is profoundly Autistic, rainman, without the speech. He melts down, bites, deficates 1 and 2 all over the house. It sounds insane and sometimes feels like it. This used to the be the definition for Autism, what changed? It seems like everyone has it. Shots, no shots, genetic...

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faster, You didn't make me feel bad. I am happy for you because you have something so special. I just found out recently that my thyroid was really wacky when I was pregnant with him and in the subsequent pregnancy and those two boys have problems. The next two are much better off because I felt it had kicked back in or something. My memory became much better and my hair wasn't falling out as much. Now, I am pregnant again, but am on the meds and feel a million times better. I dont' have to count to figure out how old I am! I was just wondering if anyone else had a thyroid problem while pregnant also?

I know how you feel. Although it is wonderful that some children are able to function pretty normaly with a diagnosis of autism, and even be "cured", it is still hard to hear all the recovery stories when my child is so severe despite years of EI, therapy, medication, etc.

I'm sorry you are feeling so hopeless pryfr . It must be heartbreaking for you to be unable to communicate with your own child. I'm sorry if my autism story made it any harder for you.

I know, I guess I just feel hopeless. I see other mom's or other stories and they talk about the social problems etc., if that was all that was wrong I would love it. To hear him speak again instead of hoot and holler. It's disheartening.

It's a matter of degree :)