He Is Just to Much Sometimes But Not Enough.

I have a 4yr old diagnosed with autism last year. We always knew he was different. He was never colicky but wanted to be held by many people all the time. He didn't walk until 18 months. I thought he was a slow learner until his little brother was born. At 2 1/2 he was only saying 2 words, "cup" and "dadda". He would fly off the handle and spank himself if he heard the word no. Even in a passing phrase to someone else. At 2 1/2, his 10 month old brother knew more words. Something was up and I needed help. Early Intervention helped alot. We first desensitized him from the word no. Then we figured to wrap him in blankets during voilent outbreaks.  When he was 3 the public school took over and he was only offered speech. They figured he was a normal 3 yr old and didn't need anything else. He needed sensory therapy and occupational therapy. He still does. He will get on kicks where he will lick the walls and floors. He has to taste everything. He walks on his toes and has trouble pedaling a tricycle. With only speech he did okay. he really didn't try, he is a smart boy when he tries. he can use a computer (hook it up and everything) and speak manderine, japanese and spanish by just watching tv. English was just something he didn't pick up on. Last april he got the rotovirus. I think that was the fuel he needed for him to learn. August they put him in a trial "Autism Class" to evaluate him. he flourished. he was potty trained, he now speaks 5-6 word sentences, and can understand what you are saying. Then the results. They said he wasn't autistic. That he was below average but not severe enough to qualify for help.

My son, he gets violent in ways that scares me. One time he was taking a bath with his baby brother 9who wont bath without him) and he got mad i washed his hair. He started this big giant meltdown and tried to drown his brother. When something get out of order or you say something out of order he will scream. he will claw at his eyes and hit himself on the head. It scares me and he needs help. He hardly walks right, he sensory is off, but he is different from "classic" autistic children. Whereas they don't like to be touched, He crazes it. He will walk up tp a stranger and want a hug. He has to have that hug. The psychatrist that diagnosed him said he was "unselectivly affectionate" which is known but rare in autism. Now he is talking his echolia is more pronounce and drives me up the wall. Sometimes he will get stuck repeating himself and I just have small nerves. I  am doing  the best I can but how can I when I can't get help. My SIL was vendictive to me and signed my kids off their insurance, saying she was me. The waiting list for the autism center is still 6 months long. the only doc that will see him wants to dope a 4 yr old for random bits of voilence. I just want to cry.

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My son is 2 and he is being tested for autism at the moment he sounds just like my son and its very tiring.. We had to move house and buy a bigger house just so he could have his own room, it got to the point where my daughter had to stay at her nanna for 6 weeks solid until we moved because they couldnt share the same room and you can only take so much of sleeping on the sofa, but when we moved it took me 2 weeks to settle him because he didnt like the change and then wehen we changed his room around it took him 2 weeks to settle after that he went for a full year with never any sleep he would just cry all night long.<br />
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Touch wood we have been in our new house for 2 months and things are easier already - I to have the shortest temper ever but im learning to deal with him more and more easier by the day I learn to go to his level and i really think about what he his trying to say even if he points to everything and i just try and understand him and really focus on what he means which saves the frustation and if he wants to do something which is harmful (like touch the cooker) i calmy sit down to his level and explain why he cant touch it it oftens causes a tantrum where he bangs his head off walls but i just repeat to him like he does with me but i say it calmy over and over and i hold him till he calms down and then give him a love (or my best one for distracting him is singing nursery ryhmes???? he gets louder at screaming as i sing but if i ignore him he starts to smile so im just really learning to understand him to the point where we are now inseperable cos things are easier (slightly) and when he is good and loving he is fantastic he to loves to say hello to everyone and hi five them all and then give them a love he is very unique and special and he brings a smile to everyone who meets him and he truly loves being outdoors is hates being in the house all he does is plays with doors opening and shutting them.... But you are doing your best and thinks will get easier i was at breaking point before christmas and now i feel great because i will get the help eventually but for now he goes to nursery and is doing much better there he has come on so much....<br />
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Always remember you can only do your best and it is tiring but if things get you that bad you need to see your doctor and they offered anti depressants until they realised that it was my son that was getting me down and they did an urgent refferal to the health visitor who then got me into a doc asap with jack and realised that things were bad cos i looked so ill.<br />
You need some good friends and family around you for a break every now and then and a understanding doctor of hv good luck xx

have they taught him hiow to use sign launguage most the anger is frustration for them the way I manage my aspergers daughter is with mood pics if she happy she has happy pic and 4 sad sad pic and so on it took a year for it to work but its reaaly good now she is 8 now