my 9-yr old son has autism, epilepsy, and cerebral palsy.  i think that the autism is the worst condition of the three.  he constantly screams, cries, and whines; that is his only vice for communication.  we live in florida, and have moved twice in search of a school and organizations that would at least point us in the right direction of help.  i don't think i could be any more depressed on a daily basis.  my 3 1/2 yr old son died of a massive seizure on 4/10/2006, so there's a black hole in my heart where he would have been.  to top it all off, i got pregnant with my daughter about a month after he died.  my daughter is now a happy, healthy 7 month old, but i still mainly worry about my oldest son, as well as how my daughter will turn out in the long run...i long for someone to talk to after the kids go to bed or while my son is in school during the day.  the parents of the other kids that go to his ESE school have the warmth of an ice cube.  i think they just want to go about their lives and not bother with anyone else.  sometimes i feel that way, but other times i yearn for the companionship of parents like myself. 

my husband is in the picture, and he's a wonderful man, but ever since our youngest son passed away, i cannot get him to talk; he usually buries himself in his work.  we have had problems since before last april, but they have only gotten worse, and he will not go to marriage counseling, he seems to feel that there is nothing wrong or he wants to ignore the problem altogether. 

i would like to be able to get some therapies and respite care for my son, so if anyone here lives in florida on the east coast , contact me at merrittroland@comcast.net and let me know.  i look forward to hearing from any of you... thanks and have a great week!!

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I really don't know where to start by talking to you. You obviously have been dealt an unlucky hand...Myself i have 4 daughters if you read one of the comments on this page I am evita the one who talks about having triplets and Maria who has autism who has a bad habbit with her 'poop' as I put it...Anyway the only advice or coment that I was given I will share with you. When my eldest daughter Evita asked my Mum"Grandma why do I have to have sisters with special needs (yes 2 of the triplets are at a special needs school Maria with autism and Dimitra had a brain hemorage at 4 days old which had delayed her learning) My fantastic mother answered her "because they have a special family with special parents. My friend you to are a special parent. Good luck and when the'black days' appear go out, do something which makes you happy, or do something for YOU. If you want somebody to talk to I would always answer you because I do have a wonderful husband to and we talk about our problems and he is very commited to our family

Thank God that I am not the only one! My son is also autistic and has cerebral palsy as well. You sound like you are telling about my life when I read your story! I sometimes thank it is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Is that wrong of me to fell that way? I also carry a lot of guilt like I caused this somehow. Please chat with me anytime!!