S She is still young but he said that everything that she is doing puts her in that spectrum. So now the people from early intervention is gonna call me to set up a meeting to see whats what'sthe next step to do. The guy did say they are gonna do sessions every day for 2 hours. So well see what happens. o today the psych came and evaulted my daughter and he told me and my boyfriend that she has mild autism.
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It is a hard road but you will make it. Some days are hard, some days are good, and some days are some where in between. My son was diagnosed last year. It was a really hard thing to take at first. You question everything you go threw a grieving process of sorts, or at least I did. When it comes down to it this is your child and for what ever reason she is who she is, just as my son who he is. Your love for your child will never die and you will love her for who she is because she is who she.

Aww thanks

She has a wonderful mother who loves her very much. She'll be just fine.