Angie's Cancer Is Back

It never really completely left.  
She's been on chemo drugs every 3rd month.  
Now it progressed again & she's taking the chemo continuously.  
The good news is they caught it while it's still only in her stomach &
not also in her bladder, both kidneys & urinary track like it once was.
Thinking positive is a must ~ but I'd be dishonest to deny the undercurrent of fear.
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4 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Gerson therapy start as soon as you can! San Diego

I'll go on the web to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

I see this was written a long time ago and I really wish that all is going well for your daughter. What a heart ache to bare and I pray for healing for your daughter.May God give you what u need every day to keep going and be there for her. Hugs.

Thanks mpde! She's doing well managing the cancer, but her life is really tough still. Thank you for your prayers because I truly believe in them <3

Thank you Sweetheart, your words mean a lot to me. Thanks for understanding. <br />
So many people just say you need to stay positive & dismiss everything else. <br />
<br />
Watching her suffer is real agonizing. The anguish feels unbearable sometimes.<br />
<br />
It does help to talk about it. Thanks Sis.

Hey sister...this is truly upsetting for me to hear (in more detail than your whiteboard message). I know that I have expressed before that I just would lose my mind if that was going on with my son. I give you a lot of credit for having the strength to be there....and still keep hope alive. I am sending you good vibes and a big hug and all my best wishes for a positive end to this ordeal that she is going thru that you are witnessing. I just can't even imagine. I would lose my mind.