Just For Jess

I myself dont have a child that has cancer, but a close friends little sister lost her battle 6 months ago to nueroblastoma, she had several large masses on her spinal cord and one on the brain, she never gave up though, she was everyones inspiration to keep going, she was diagnosed when she was 3 months old and fought it 4 times and was brought to remission, but each time it came back she said with a smile on her face im not gonna give up ill keep fighting i want to save doggies when i get older,it was her dream to become a vetrinerian, and it saddens me to see that she wont ever be able to live that dream, she lived life to the fullest though concerts, baseball games and even played sports during remission, she was my inspiration to get up when i didnt feel good, she had that contagous smile even when you were having a bad day. The last time she was diagnosed with the cancer she was really weak and had an infection on her leg, she didnt want to give up the fight but once it got bad enough she couldnt keep up and the cancer had won, it was a sad day for all when the news struck she had lost her battle but we all knew she was better off and no longer in pain, she suffered from pain the last few weeks of life but she kept her positive spirit, and ill always remember her and the fact i know i helped her family keep the battle alive with the fundraiser ran through school.

I miss her more then anything but im glad shes at piece now, shes the angel watching over everyone shes touched
armympgirlfriend armympgirlfriend
18-21, F
Aug 20, 2010