Sweet Things

I can't remember when I didn't make my sweet goodies for Christmas. Homemade rock candy, buckeyes, chocolate candies, cookies, pies, breads..... My home smells like a Christmas gift!

I would spend hours, days making and baking. My countertops were full of canisters to this person and that. From family, friends and even the mail lady. The joy I get from it ...welll... *smile*

This year will be bigger and better, due to my great joy and happiness I am experiencing. I wear this sh*t-eating grin now all day long. I have all my cookbooks out and recipes... waiting and ready to begin.

Don't have to clean anyones home this morning so as soon I leave here... I go to the shed and bringing out my Christmas stuff....lol... I'm about to make a wonderful mess! (The past two Christmas... yup, I still made my goodies but.. I did not bring out my decorations) ....BUT *smile* This year... I am full of the holiday spirit!!

I wish each and everyone of you.... A Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays AND... A brand new Happy New Year! Tis the season to be jolly!!!! xo *smile*
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Merry Christmas awesome story.

lol... Just got home from doing some errands. One was to gather my favors for my candies.... Are you ready, I am going to list all of them..lol...spills out the bottles in the sack...;-) Cinnamon, lemon, orange, cherry, grape, butterscotch, carmel, cre`me de methe! yummy.... plus all the sugars and syrups. It's beginning to feel, look like Christmas!