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For my 16th birthday, my mother gave me a guitar.  She had purchased it from a friend of hers.  It was kind of an old guitar, but still in good shape and came in a neat guitar case.  It had character.     I have always loved music, and my mom knew I'd be pleased to have the guitar.  I still have that old guitar, and I have never learned to play it.  I can pick out a little tune by ear, but I cannot read music.   My mother can read music and tried to teach me, but I just didn't take to it.  She can play the piano, as she had lessons as a child.  She tried to teach me to play the piano also.  I didn't like the having to learn to read music part.  I can play little songs by ear, and that is all.  I really wish I didn't have such a dislike of reading music.  I really think it was because I was just impatient, and didn't want to learn that part of it.    I suppose now that I'm older, I might be able to put my full attention on learing it, and maybe one day, play the guitar the way I've always wanted, instead of picking out at tune here or there.    I love music so much, and am envious of people that can play the piano or a guitar with such ease and sophistication.  I suppose if I'd have practiced playing more, I might even be half way good at the guitar, even without learing to read music.  I know there are musicians that play by ear.  But I never stuck with it long enough.  Oh well....maybe someday.
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You should try again but use guitar TAB instead of sheet music, Its easy to read.

Hmm...ok, thanks for the tip. :)

I was given an old guitar by my dad when I was seven and 3 weeks later I lost my parents in a car crash so as it turned out it was the last thing my parents ever gave me. I have had it ever since the early sixties but have never really learned to play it. I don't know why I just couldn't bring myself to learn.

Oh...that's so sad about your parents. I can understand why it was hard for you. I hope to one day actually play it instead of picking out pieces of tunes, and it's been so long since I've done that, I probably can't do that anymore. :) Thanks for commenting.