My posture the way it is while reclining on my couch, I guess it would be more true to say that I have a 'chest' top. I have a wireless mouse that I use on the armrest, so I am able to get the screen with in 10-12 inches of my face. my chin is touching the base near wear the finger scroll is. With my thumbs, I can touch my nose and type at the same time. I have spilled every fluid you can possibly imagine on this thing and it still keeps booting up.

I used to be strictly a desktop man and I would drag it with me to all the hotels I stayed in over the years. Now that I have settled down, I have switched and it is just me and my chest top. Happily Ever After.

1blujay 1blujay
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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

Hi,I love this post. Thanks for sharing. I can very much identify with just reminds me once again about my bond with my laptop. My laptop and cell phone....I just can't do without them anymore. I will go crazy if anything happens to