My Girls

My 2 closest friends are Little Dragon (her real nickname!) who is like a little sister to me & Amanda.

I have put these girls through a lot of grief. I have bouts of insecurity which sometimes make me doubt my loved ones even when I know that they are being honest with me. I ask them the same questions over & over like "when you told me this or when you said that were you being straight with me?".

For example Amanda was meant to text me last weekend about meeting for coffee this week. So Sunday night I text her asking if we are meeting this week. Monday afternoon & no reply, so I call her 3 times in 2 hours and I leave her 3 voice mails each more paranoid than the last. The last voice mail basically says "if you don't want to see me, tell me". After making plans to meet then changing the day a second time SHE asked Me to forgive HER for messing me about. When I pointed out that I should be asking HER to forgive ME for acting like a complete **** on Monday she sent me a text saying "I have accepted that you are who you are! You are lovely! So Thursday it is then. Lol! X". That's why I love My girls

britbear britbear
36-40, M
Feb 10, 2009