I Relate Better To Guys *shrug*

it's true... i just do. always have... i've recently gotten used to the idea that i should even things out and at least make attempts to have close female friends, because who's gonna throw me a bachelorette party, or a baby shower? lol, but as it is my closest friends are all guys. or lesbians that would be the guy... hehe.... and all through high school, i had a small circle of female friends, but always hung out with my guys... i never dated any of them until senior year, but we're still friends to this day. i'm friends with all of my exes... everybody i know says they have terrible problems with their own exes and either hate them or are being stalked by them... lol i just seem to have a very passive nature and we go our separate ways, but still manage to keep in touch. we talk about their current girls and they ask me for advice and vice versa... i even have a friend, whom i have sex with him and his girlfriend, and sometimes he comes to see just me. she doesn't know, and would kill us both i'm sure, but it's like a an understanding that we have.... we're just friends that happen to have amazing sex, and she wouldn't understand. i'm not trying to steal him and he's happy with her, they have a kid and it's all good, but sometimes we just need a mutual release without having to worry about her getting jealous. like i said, i just get along better with guys... i just don't really understand girls all that well i guess.... oh well.. i'm not torn up about it by any means, so i guess it's just how i'm meant to be....

Amberlin420 Amberlin420
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I know exactly how you feel about the guy thing..all my closest friends are guys. I tried over the years to have female friends but the frinedships never last. i had a older man that i "dated" online tell me its because I am an alpha female and it scares the other more timid females away. I dont understand, and the last female friend i had i got burnt in a "triangle" with a man...however it all fell apart but the guy and i are now friends again after a few months. so i am glad....

You sound like an incredibly sensual young woman ; )