So About That Red Nose...

So after reading the stories of others on here, I've been inspired to share my own. (Btw, you guys made me feel awesome ^_^ It's so good to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way). Anyway, where to begin....

I loved clowns ever since I was about 5. I don't know exactly how it started (probably me seeing them on TV, you couldn't get me away from the TV at that age...) but one night I decided that I really wanted to be a clown. This gradually grew into a full-blown fetish as I got older, and I would create fantasies about them and ********** whenever I had time alone. I'm a middle child (with an older and younger brother) so it was often hard to find time alone, but I was very persistent.

Above all things, I had always wanted a clown nose. For some reason, that part of the costume just turned me on the most (especially the honking ones, as I'm sure you've probably guessed by now). Being little and wanting one, I tried to be a clown for Halloween on occasion, but my parents would often reject the idea. They weren't being mean, but they were worried that other kids would bully me.  Oddly enough, when I'm not thinking about clowns, I am a VERY serious, nerdy, and down-to-earth student (aka the prime target for bullies at my time, but that's another story).

When I grew older, I realized that I could obtain this magical thing called a "driver's license."  Jokes aside, once I had my provisional license, I aimed to end the misery that was not having a clown nose or costume for all these years.  After a trip to the grocery store in my mom's car, I decided to take a detour to a party/costume place nearby and pick up everything clown-related that I wanted.  

Ironically, most of my fantasies involve other people laughing at my stupidity, despite the fact that my friends are convinced in real life that I can't take a joke :P I guess that I've deceived them - unintentionally, of course.  The few friends who actually know about my fetish (other than you lovely people, of course!) are generally supportive.  They don't tell anyone else about it, but will occasionally grab me funny stuff or (between us) remark that, if you look closely, you can notice red or blue strands in my hair...

Thanks for reading!
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That's pretty how I felt. I was expected to be all clean cut and serious and would often get told off for being silly. To me, it was like clowns could be super silly and no-one would tell you off for it.

what a great story! its so good to hear people who have similar experiences. im also kind of buttoned up and serious by day, so most people would never know that i am also a huge buffoon once the red nose is on. the nose is also my favorite part! and the floppy shoes :O)<br />
<br />
i dont get red hairs in my hair, but i do notice that they are around my apartment and have a tendency to get stuck on sweaters and shirts and stuff, and ill notice them when im out :) ive had a few comments and i just shrug it off hehe.