Humble Pie

Im a 30 something female whose had a clown fetish for as long as I can remember. I'm not into clown ****, but the feeling of being dressed as a clown, with make up and a big red nose leaves me feeling humiliated but horny.

An ex used to indulge my fetish for me, allowing me to dress up, he would make me stay dressed like this for hours; he knew how ridiculous I felt, how humiliated, and shamed by my fetish, but he also knew how much it turned me on all the same. I would arrive home from work to see my costume laid on the bed ready for me and I knew I was in for a night of fulfilment. I had a bright yellow waterproof oversized nylon jacket and matching pants with big green, blue and orange buttons sewn on. I had a bald headed bushy red wig, and oversized red Wellington boots, which I used to nearly trip over in. I had an oversized sou'wester hat that tied under my chin with a big red bow. I loved my clown nose, it was a large shiny rubber nose that I had to glue on with latex glue. I loved the feeling of my own nose being covered and spending time putting on my make up; white face, big red mouth, big blue half circles over my eyes. That feeling of pulling that tight rubber wig over my head and the transformation left me feeling weak with excitement. I used to love the feeling of pulling on my swishy costume and tying that big perfect bow under my chin. When I pulled on my bright green rubber gloves and red wellingtons I was transformed, I was complete, I was Bozo, that was his clown name for me.

I would then have to walk down the stairs with my partner stood at the bottom watching me all the way, him sniggering and laughing, me feeling uncomfortable, ridiculous, foolish, humiliated, but most of all horny.

He would make me do household chores dressed in my clown outfit, laughing at me, the ridiculousness of it all.

If I was an exceptionally good clown, completing all my chores on time, he would indulge my love of being pied in the face, huge big creamy pies, he would fill my clown hat with custard and cream and pull it over my head, he would fill my waterproof clown pants with tins of shaving cream till they bulged and squished everywhere. He would make me sit like this for hours, making me beg for more, taking photos and videos to humiliate me with later, teasing that he would post them on the web, naming and shaming me. My biggest turn on was when he would make me sit with a paper bag over my head telling me I was too ridiculous to look at.

He would tease me with stories of how he wanted me to dress up as a clown in public, how everyone would laugh at me. God I would get so turned on.

Now many years later I can only fantasise about those times. Too humiliated to let my new partner know of my fetish.

I thought I was alone for many years with my strange clown fetish. My ex allowed me to fulfil my fantasy for many years, I only wish I could open up to my new husband without fear of rejection. Maybe one day ........

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I love your story.., I have a clown fetish too... Would you like to chat with me??? I would like to see your videos and pictures of this experience... Really love

With clown love


I love your story. I hope I may be able to share this with my partner but I haven't yet. He's amazing but the not knowing how they'll react... their reaction is their own and I'll accept it no matter what it is. But gosh... what you explored with your ex sounds simply fantastic.

His loss. You sound like a blast.

What an awesome story! I'm so jealous of your clowning around. I wish I could experience the same. Your story turns me on so much. Thank you for sharing! I hope you get to clown around again some day. I wish it could be with me!