For Real

Hey everyone,

I'd like to post here ... something which, for me, was finally remarkable...
On the last days of 2012, I had my own first experiences with makeup and costume play. :O)

You may see on an older post of mine that, by that time, I didn't really feel like it... But changed my mind. Some time before it, I was actually gathering courage - and everything I needed! Every little thing I aquired, in fact, I just could do it before a rush of anxiety and impulsive attitude. LOL.

On a day of October, I was looking out on the internet I found a virtual store for jugglers and clowns - in my own city, which I couldn't ever encounter. Had it safe opened on safari for, I don't know, three weeks, cause I was not really sure if wanted to try it out... hahaha Then one day, finally decided to try it - why not? Got the first itens, which were some colorful make-up and ... a red latex nose. I Didn't try the makeup by that time I received it: I was expecting a so great experience I didn't want to have it done quickly, once I had a lot of work to do on those days. BUT, just tried the red nose right away.

*I can't recall the last time I tried one, perhaps it was on my early childhood, cause there was always something awkward with clowns I didn't get... until that single second.

It was fantastic... I couldn't ever imagine just putting on a red nose could feel like a passing ritual, from a living state to another. Maybe some of you had the same experience, the moment you just start breathing with the nose on, to feel how it feels like, and then, looking at yourself at the mirror, with a touch of red and sillyness. It would surely mean nothing else... but for someone who doesn't have something else. ;O)

Well, the adventure did go on... with time, aquired a sweet corset my character usually wears, and discovered that one regular silver tie of mine could be tied on a way it got transformed into a great silver ... bowtie.

And tried the makeup for the first time.

Boy, it was INCREDIBLE!!! Just seeing yourself on the mirror with all done, changes everyting... I couldn't help but on laughing and making faces. Couldn't help but to feeling dumb, silly and yet, beautiful just because of that. Couldn't help but to discover faces and movements I didn't know I could have, I was 'allowed' to have. You don't go out on public as clown everyday, you know, we grow up concious that you should have a comic character apart from the real life. Yet, living it touched me so deeply, I couldn't help but to... love it.

Haha, of course, seeing a lot of you into your own grown-up characters almost made me feel just like a newbie... once my first experiences were on writing, drawing and manipulating images, only, that sets for me a new concept, a new love... I don't know, a new hobby perhaps. After a lot of 'virtual' experiences, nothing compares to living it - and discover a light-hearted character, who's there just to have some fun, after all.

* Has someone ever had the willing of having it told and shown to -everyone else- but of course, knowing it's totally rash??? That's how I've been feeling lately - LOL

One of these days, also got a new impulse of experiences and bargained for new items, including white gloves and a sweet decorative sunflower. Have been looking out for clown shoes too, but thought I might be getting to fast, should enjoy it a bit slower... - and also because I wouldn't imagine where to have it hidden. LOL

Just to finish, all I wanted to say is how great it felt to discover a lot, with such a different attitude... which I would never try out, I guess, just an year before it... and before having read some of your own stories and talked to some of you! Maybe a got a bit inspired.. Thanks, folks! :OD

A great 2013 to everyone, with a lot of great achievements... and fun!
Crimson1985 Crimson1985
26-30, M
Jan 6, 2013