Lost In Mist

Anyone ever had that feeling when you keep looking around for something new, a clear path, a way thats not covered in brambles and thorns and things but you can't find one? When it literally is you and darkness.
There's a phrase on this pencil case i saw the other day that i thought was similar to how i felt 'me and you against the world' the issue is i don't have a you.

Lately i've just been completely lost. I've been crying, screaming, bleeding and i have no idea what to do. My friends are amazing to me but its not working i still have this bottled up feeling that something bad is going to happen.

Now comes the creepy bit. Lately i've been seeing shapes, shadows, figures. They follow me a lot and are always there when i feel scared or nervous. They haven't tried to hurt me but they're not friendly - i can feel that. Even now as i type there is a feeling of something watching me or a shadow will slip past me.

I'm scared and becasue of that i've been quiet lately when with my friends. I can cope if someone is talking about random light-hearting things but as soon as i'm on my own or no one talks or someone gets sad they're back.

i need help but i feel so...ahhhhhh i guess thats the only way i can describe it
ForeverRose ForeverRose
18-21, F
Jul 13, 2010