Lost With No Dirrection

I just started feeling this way just before Christmas holidays. I found a new love and had all the hope in the world. She did not know me but I liked her a lot. My world came crashing down because the light that I seen her in had faded (metaphorically). I am not giving up on her because I know she is a kind soul.But did not know if she would change for me. She has stated a few years ago that if you didn't like the way she is then too bad. But it has shown that she has already changed a little for someone else and that she would do anything for the right one. So with wondering if I can make it work and if she will accept my wishes when she sees that it hurts me and what I want to do in life, along with so many other thoughts, just has left me lost in it all. Makes you feel like your not good enough for anything and that your romantic life is doomed. Today was a BAD mourning but I found that I was a lot better later at night. Right now I am doing some meditation. I am just trying to get hope that things will work out and that my mind will be narrow focused again.
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3 Responses Jan 26, 2007

ob<x>jectification can be a very good way of getting what you really need whether it's your girl or boyfriend

Just remember - you can never change anybody - that is law. They may change temporarily for you but - when it comes down to the nitty gritty - they are the only one who can change themselves and they have to decide to do that on their own - no prodding from anyone. The only thing you can do is be the change you want to see in the rest of the world - that is what Gandhi said.

I have an ex of 7 years who was into so many drugs.... i was with him on and off because i thougt i could change him obviously not...because he just got worse and worrse until the end untill he punched me in my face... also.. i recently went back to my daughters father the one who i met my sweety through because he has said that he changed and everything...lasted a month now i am back living with my sister......ya see you can try to change someone for evenn 7 years or as little *** a omnth and you cant its not possible.. All you can do is move on, and trust me what doesnt kill you trully make you stronger.. I am hear if you ever need to talk.... good luck....xxoo muah!