I Hate This.

Some days my love is really strong and other days I am fighting not to let go. It is not that I don't feel the love it is just that it is not as strong as the day before. I panic because I want her. I ain't going down without a fight. Hope is all I have and without it I have nothing to fight for. I feel if I want her this bad I could find a way. All I would have to do is try to strengthen her love for me (when I actually get her,lol). I have fought alone my hole life so I now I can still do it now.
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Wow i am extremely late posting on this .. but ya know love is hard .. its hard to watch the one you love with someone else .. or just admiring from afar ... hold on to that feeling ... love is an amazing feeling that should be cherished

Awww, hang in there cutie!<br />
Whose this girl?????? lol:)

if you want her, then get her!

that is the way of youth's emotion, and the way life is lloked at.<br />
once the novely wears off of being with the true love,,,,, then it always comes bk to you. -- don't wait.. work on the inner you now,, as when you are partnered up,, its harder, unless she shares the same values.

Don't wait as I have holding out hope for 13 years.

Unrequited love sucks. I was in that situation before my current relationship and I sort of got myself in over my head trying to recover from wanting that love so bad. Except in my case, the guy was a total jerkass but I liked that for some reason.<br />
<br />
Us girls are weird and frankly, sometimes we don't understand OURSELVES.<br />
<br />
Bear with her. She will come to her senses. ;)

look at my name.......LOOK AT MY NAME....that is youre answer. no hope. fade to the abyss.<br />
<br />
im serious you should be on like the i have a shot with a girl exsperience

fight to hold on hun....or let her go.... as with me.... i cant seem to let him go therefore there must be some reason i feel i have to hold on! xxoo