Empty Hallway

 I looked in the mirror and I didn't look

back except the hallway was empty ink

poured from my eyes and stained my

music blue when I was on that swirling

cliff like falling into a different bedframe I

felt flailing so and couldn't wear it like

mittens (where you are) in the knitting crisscrosscricrossisscr








all I could think about was the blinking orange

and how I missed it bullseye red yellow because

white doesn't count it's too pure to be punctured

with silver running gushing from the drippy

tap puddling in a circle on where your rib

cage closes in rocks and string coming foldly

polished if I pull hard enough


the f!cking hallway is still empty

softandonly softandonly
18-21, F
Feb 18, 2010