The Coat of Many Colors, Depression, Ptsd ...

The Coat of many colors, Depression, PTSD,

Bi-Polorosity... Tis enough ta make a guy crazy if he wasn't already.

I'm thinking I need to spend less time Finding myself and more time, being somewhere else thats better. Some days it's like looking in a broken mirror where each reflects your reflection separately. How does it know? Really, A large mirror only gives one reflection?  Broken it gives so many?? As soon as ya think you've gotten one under control, up pops the other.. Then the tired of dealing with it all must be depression? I'm thinking this one may not live. it seems so strange to me and yet truth does lie within it I must admit..... later

Introspection and multiple personality disorder are not quite the same thing FYI. Most folks who have the abality to look within with any degree of clarity will discover the different facets of what makes them up.  If you see the same thing the all the time, Put some batteries in the remote..There are other stations Lol



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Must be a difficult life always squashing different reflections and personalities that show up.