Bandsman's Curse

I have suffered from cold sores all my life (my grandma had them so i recon she kissed them on to me) Ok so its a pain and a hassle.. But my main concern is that i play brass instrument in a brass band (soprano cornet) so as you can imagine.. a cold sore is something that I find totally debilitating when it comes to playing (I always get them on the centre of my mouth where to mouthpiece goes).... now normally, during everyday band practice , this is just a minor inconvenience but I always seem to get one (or several) a few days before or in the week leading up to a contest... the weird thing is.. I gave up playing about 12 years ago but recently was invited to rejoin my old band to play percussion (I am a drummer as well) at the British National Brass band finals..... And guess what? ...even though I was on percussion I got a cluster of cold sores on my top lip 3 days leading up to the contest and my whole top lip swelled up like a balloon..Now, I know this would not affect my playing as percussionist but imagine if I had been playing soprano cornet again>? I would not have been capable of taking part in an event that was an opportunity of a lifetime and the whole band would have been compromised ( there is only one soprano cornet player in a brass band)... so , you see... this unpredictable curse of coldsore infection becomes not just a vain , cosmetic inconvenience in my case..It can totally alter the path of events in my life for me and other people who rely on me !
I have been given the opportunity to rejoin the band on soprano cornet again but what am I going to do to prevent infection before a major event ...and why does this always happen? by the way  I dont get stressed by contests ,,..I positively look forward to them and get a real buzz from them!

pippystardust pippystardust
Sep 24, 2012