Just Finished Paying Off The Loan...

I earned my Associates degree in the applied sciences of electronics.. I loved going to school and loved the job I got after graduation even more, unfortunately just a year after paying off my loans I was in a car wreck and have become unable to do my dream job. I was lucky enough to have great benefits that help provide for me, but i am really considering returning to get my bachelors...all i have is time at this point.
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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

I too had an AA in Electronics (along with a 1st Class FCC ticket) and I made a darn good living working for several government contractors. Due to peer pressure I finally got my BSEE from GeorgiaTech at the ripe old age of 47 because most of the the better paying jobs that I wanted required the sheepskin to qualify for. I strongly encourage you to go for it, dig hard and see if you can get financial aid to pay for it maybe under "rehab" ----- maybe you can't at this point but my employer paid for mine.