School of Hard Knocks

I have a degree from Life University.  No bullshit.  Just a solid education on how not to screw up your life or die trying.
Aristartle Aristartle
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That was me - the one in perpetual angst - until I realized that it wasn't so wise to "give a ****" all the time!

I am not sure if Tom Gross and the Varsity are still together but I did see them years ago. In fact a musician friend of mine a month or so ago was at a club and said the single act that was playing was a former member of TG&V.

So - it's near the Big Chicken, huh? I loved it when people said when I lived there. The Varsity was on Food Network Saturday and I told my daughter - I've eaten there. It was pretty good. Is there still a band in Atlanta called Tom Gross and The Varsity? They were good as well. I so love ATL.

It is in Marietta just south of the South 120 Loop. It is coupled with Life College of Chiropractic.

How ironic... no, I wasn't aware of that then but now I am, LOL. Where is it btw?

By the way Aristartle, since I believe somewhere I read you used to live in Atlanta, you must be aware that there actually is a university here named Life University...?

Very kind of you to say WOO. Funny even abbreviating your name suggests wisdom, lol. (As in the Chinese - Mr. Woo).

So, you were doing two degrees at the same time.<br />
<br />
If I wore one, I would take my hat off to you.

I don't know - I was concentrating on raising a child and studying as I married young the first time. So, partying was not an option, LOL.

However, I never said I wasn't formally educated. I do have higher education.... however, it's not served me as well as the Life University degree.

Very true. Schooling just prepares us to learn.

I have learned more from my experiences and the people I've met along the way in my journey of life than in any classroom. And, I'm sure you'll agree that it was a helluva lot more fun, too.

Very well said Ari. I think I have learned more from life in the last three years than I did from 4 yrs. of college.

I think that Life Univesity is an excellant school. It should be Ivy League because it is a tought curriculum and the cost is through the roof. COngradulations on an education hard earned!!!!!!! Hugs, CMR (I hope you are doing well)