Nothing Is Impossible

I never knew it was possible to go to college. No one in my family had ever gone to college. Despite getting high grades and graduating early from high school, college was just never presented as an option. I was encouraged to go to cosmetology school through R.O.P. and I did. by the time I finished high  school, I had my cosmetology license and was ready to start my life as an official grown-up.

While my friends went to college and complained about mid-terms, I went to work and complained about acrylic nails and Clairol. I liked my work, for a while. But I grew restless and desired more.

It wasn't until I was styling the hair of a college Sophomore that I learned that I could go to college. After telling this young lady that I wished I had been able to go to college, she asked, "Why don't you go?" My reply was that I couldn't afford it and at the ripe old age of 19, I was probably too old. She laughed, "there's no age limit. Just go to the J.C. - that's totally affordable!"

And that began my journey in college. I took quite a few detours along the way, picking up my early childhood education and human development units, getting an A.A. in social sciences, taking acting and improv classes, dance classes, and tons of music classes. At one point I had considered a double major, but decided it was probably taking on too much, what with working full time and taking care of a family.

I am excited to say that last year, I completed my B.A. in psychology and have officially become the first person in my family (on both sides) to have earned a degree. In addition to that, I've finished my submissions to graduate school and can't wait to get my doctorate in psychology.

In this life, the possibilities are endless!

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29 Responses Jan 31, 2008

super kudos to you :)

A little late but I just came across this wonderful story. You've much to be proud of, GOOD FOR YOU!!!<br />
Truly an inspirational story!!! :)

Thanks for this, I'm a little lost myself at the moment having just lost a job which i thought had a great future in it, Your personal story is the most positive encouragement i've found all week, thansk for sharing, it does give me some hope for the future now.

Congratulations... great achievement. There are many people out there who have money and wit but don't know what to do on their lives. I'm glad you really know what you want. also, being hardworking is a big plus. I salute you. Hope you'll do great on your graduate school

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I think I am too old for that I have been trying to get my BA in Psychology for the last ten years and everytime I try somthing happens , the last time I had a divorce wiped out all my cash... I feel sooo helpless and sicouraged. I dont know what else to do.

this is an encouragement because me to am in my first year in campus being 23yrs i finished o level 5 yrs back and i never thought it will come to pass. nothing impossible with God

Congratulations. You should be proud of yourself. I too graduated college as a working adult and can testify that it was a challenging and gratifying experience. I appreciated the opportunity to learn and the knowledge that I was gaining much more as an adult than when I was younger. Anything is possible if you are determined and motivated.

Nothing is impossible... and nobody is perfect. Wait...<br />
So is it impossible to be perfect? <br />
<br />
Things are definately impossible, but I still applaud you on your accomplishments. Keep going!



Oh yes, congratulations. I like to get a history degree some day. But right now my partner is studying for a master in social sciences, and although it upsets me a bit that it's not my turn yet I'm supporting her as much as I can.

Congratulations on earning your degree and being the first in your family to graduate from college! What an accomplishment :)

I enjoy reading good news stories!

Truthfully, I'm totally getting more encouraged by you. I'm 16 and definitely will study hard and get a degree. This year, I took mechanical engineering course. At first, I found it really hard but decided to give it a try.

Truthfully, I'm totally getting more encouraged by you. I'm 16 and definitely will study hard and get a degree. This year, I took mechanical engineering course. At first, I found it really hard but decided to give it a try.

good for you i am going back to collge in september and at my age i hope the building is older then iam haha but good for you

Nothing is impossible?<br />
<br />
Try putting tooth paste back in a tube!!

congratulations!! that is such an inspiring story, props to you and good luck with the rest of your life :)

Congratulations to you! Great journey towards your Doctorate degree. Believing in yourself and knowing that you are worth every penny is just fabulous! Thank you for sharing! :)

Oh...very inspiring,surely i appreciate for your determination.Its in my goals and through your story i have gained strength.All in all,keep going.<br />

nice spirit man<br />
problems are in every body life but to face them is the work of person made of real stuff

Congratulations to you! <br />
<br />
May I ask.... how long did it take you, from when you first took a community college class, until you got your B.A. in Psychology? (I'm pondering the idea of going back to school myself.)<br />
<br />
Good luck to you, in all that you do!

That is so true, All you need is courage, Nothing is Impossible..

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Wow! I how inspiring! I am so encouraged when I read stories like this, because if you can conceive it in your mind, and believe that you can achieve it, nothing is impossible to anyone! matter what it is, there is NO such as a hopeless situation either, you can change ANYTHING whether it be your health or your finances or even your relationships.....its all up to you, as a man thinks in his heart so is what is it that you want?<br />
You CAN have it just as we have seen by this example! <br />
Diane31<br />
Congratulations may you go from strength to strength with your winning attitude, something we ALL need!

Dear I like you posstive attitude<br />
Well In Short Words I say Keep It Up... come on <br />
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Wow, that's inspiring! Go for it SIJ! College and beyond isn't for everybody. But for us restless folks, it it necessary. If you don't quit, you won't be disappointed. Don't be one of those guys/gals who says "what if?"

Congratulations! You deserve praise and recognition for your academic accomplishment. I am inspired by this story.