Nothing Is Impossible

I never knew it was possible to go to college. No one in my family had ever gone to college. Despite getting high grades and graduating early from high school, college was just never presented as an option. I was encouraged to go to cosmetology school through R.O.P. and I did. by the time I finished high  school, I had my cosmetology license and was ready to start my life as an official grown-up.

While my friends went to college and complained about mid-terms, I went to work and complained about acrylic nails and Clairol. I liked my work, for a while. But I grew restless and desired more.

It wasn't until I was styling the hair of a college Sophomore that I learned that I could go to college. After telling this young lady that I wished I had been able to go to college, she asked, "Why don't you go?" My reply was that I couldn't afford it and at the ripe old age of 19, I was probably too old. She laughed, "there's no age limit. Just go to the J.C. - that's totally affordable!"

And that began my journey in college. I took quite a few detours along the way, picking up my early childhood education and human development units, getting an A.A. in social sciences, taking acting and improv classes, dance classes, and tons of music classes. At one point I had considered a double major, but decided it was probably taking on too much, what with working full time and taking care of a family.

I am excited to say that last year, I completed my B.A. in psychology and have officially become the first person in my family (on both sides) to have earned a degree. In addition to that, I've finished my submissions to graduate school and can't wait to get my doctorate in psychology.

In this life, the possibilities are endless!

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