A Long Winding Road

Art. I was supposed to have taken Art. I had drawn and painted and done art my whole life. I was in "advanced" art in high school. It was 1976, and when I went to sign up for my freshman classes I took... Physical Education. For which I had no aptitude whatsoever. I'm cross dominant (right handed, left eyed) and can't hit the pavement with a thrown brick. I think Undeclared was next, then I ran away from school (a women's university in Mississippi) with a rock band. After a two year break in California, I tried Accounting, then Business Administration. Finally, in 1982, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Systems Science from the University of West Florida (working with computers for business applications rather than scientific). I did use it, the university was one of the only ones at the time that had IBM equipment, as did my first employer (Giant Oil Company). But I wish I'd taken Art, too.
FengShoe FengShoe
46-50, F
Feb 16, 2008