Don't Rush Into It.

I got a degree with high honors in the standard four years and have been aimlessly wandering since.  A college degree does not mean success! 

I realized I hated what I was training for (I am a law school dropout) and after "wasting" so much money (still repaying) I find it hard to have the confidence to venture forward again.  Stuck in a holding pattern.  For over 6 years now I have been.  Shamed from my past mistakes and scared at the emotional and monetary costs of making more.  Even though every day that I wait I am costing myself more wasted life.  ....Aaaargh!  Frustrated! :)

I envy people that went to college, found something they enjoyed, and have made a successful life out of it.

Nothing seems to hold my interest for 3 months, let alone a lifetime. 

And college is a very expensive way to find out that you don't like something. 

That's my sad truth for today.

fairweatherfiend fairweatherfiend
36-40, F
Mar 2, 2008