It's been a long road, but I've finally got my college degree!  It's a bachelor of science in psychology.  I'm hoping to get a job soon, work for a year or two, and then go to grad school to get either my master's in music therapy or Ph.D. in clinical psychology or behavioral neuroscience.

Anyway, I had an amazing graduation and got lots of pictures afterwards with my girlfriend, parents, and grandparents.  If you want to see them, they're in a photo album on my profile.  But the best part was the party afterwards.  The party was at my parents' house (now my house too), and I had at least 20 (possibly even 30) people attend.  I got lots of money, a tie made out of tape with my fraternity colors and letters on it, a music encyclopedia, and more.  My mom cooked us all a big meal.  One of my old high school teachers (my favorite teacher of all time) even attended!  It was pretty amazing.  I didn't get anything from my parents, but I was expecting a new vehicle because we had discussed it a lot earlier.  I assumed they must be waiting.

The next day, some friends and family came over for breakfast.  We had ham and rolls.  After breakfast, we went outside, and my stepsister's and brother-in-law's old Nissan (from the 1980s) was parked out in the driveway with a big red bow on it!  While this wasn't the truck I was expecting, I was still happy.  We had been looking at Toyota Tacomas and Chevy Colorados.  My stepsister had written a poem about the history of this old hand-me-down truck and how it came to be mine.  Then my brother-in-law began telling me about the "features" (and lack thereof) of the truck.  For example, no air conditioning or heat, no radio or CD player, windshield wipers didn't work, etc.  After this was all over, my stepsister finally said, "Well, you can either take this truck, or you can take the other truck that's driving up."  As they said this, I saw my grandparents coming up the road in a brand new red 2012 Toyota Tacoma with a great big ribbon on it!  They pulled up in the driveway and asked which I wanted.  I circled each one, investigating them, and obviously chose the Tacoma.  I gave everybody a ride.

So that was my college graduation...I don't think it could get much better than that!  Now for the real question...where the heck am I going to work until grad school?
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cool story! and good luck with the finding a job

I'm so proud of you baby!!! *kiss*