Desperately Looking For Work

I miss being a student not because I don't like the fact that I now need to work my *** off if I want to live. I miss being a student because I miss being busy. I'm the type of person who loves being busy and I get so depressed when I get stuck in the house with nothing to do for a long time.

I just graduated 2 weeks ago but it feels like years already. I have submitted my resume to dozens of companies but yet not a single reply from any one of them.

What disappoints me is that my other classmates already have interviews for the same companies that I have applied to. It's not that I'm jealous of them or anything, as a matter of fact I am happy for them, it's just that everybody (including them) keeps saying "It'll be easy for you to find a job because you're the smartest! Any company would want to hire someone like you!" But then why am I the only one who doesn't get called for an interview?

Some of you may think I'm overreacting. My mom thinks I'm overreacting. She said others don't even get a job for years. But I don't think I can stay with my mom any longer. I can't stay here in the house any longer. I think I'd go crazy anytime now.


Oh please dear God! An interview is all I'm asking for and I'll take care of the rest!! Oh please Oh please Oh please!!!
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If you are looking to be your own boss and get paid to do themed home me. I think you would be perfect for this business.

ah, at least you got called for interviews , many would kill for in person interviews. I wish I could offer some sage soothing advice, aside from the obivioussay is keep applying, go to those career fairs. If lets say after a month or 2 of looking for your ideal work and still nothing, then look into volunteering, minimum wage work, whilst still looking for your ideal/dream computer type job on the side.<br />
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Nothing is more ruinous on a resume than "white space", gaps of unemployment. Yes it is tough out there, lots of people are unemployed, Entry level jobs require 2-3 years of expereince and everyone including the dude with 10 years of expereince is applying for that same unpaid internship you are applying for-that being said employers will likely not take any of that as an excuse for long gaps of unemployment. <br />
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Get that volunteer, part time work, something to fill the resume.

what did you major in? ANd the the friends that have found work, what did they study?

I'm a BS Computer Science graduate. My friends also majored in Computer Science. I moved to a bigger city just this week and I got called for at 4 companies. But I only had the chance to go at 2 of them.