The Beginning Of Something...

I just graduated (as in less than a week ago) with a bachelors in Economics with an emphasis in math. It took five years to get there, and I loved every minute of it. I mean I gained so much out of it that has nothing to do with school and everything to do with the ability to go to one. I did a study abroad in Japan where I picked up the language, I had opportunities to travel all across Asia looking at different business practices and being able to compare them with what I had grown up with. I was able to not only gain the things that you learn inside a classroom, but meet some amazing people along the way that in more ways than one made me the person that I am today. Not all of it being good as I had one of my good friends die from suffocation due to alcohol, but still even something like that helped shape how I, personally, view the world as it is today. So I think it is fair to say that I have "enjoyed" the college experience. 

ggieI think the problem I have run into now is that I no longer have any immediate goals that I can aim for. It's like now that I've finished college, what else is there for me to aim for to make that next step in what is me? It's weird, in that I feel like I have the world at me fingertips and have the ability to do anything that I want to do, but at the same time I'm unable to decide on anything specific and thus am frozen in the state of mind that allows nothing to ever actually get accomplished. I've done a little bit of reading and there is something called "graduation depression" but I'm not actually depressed in any way, I'm actually really glad I graduated and am proud to say that I own a degree. I think I'm just lost in the sea of emotions that come with finally graduating and realizing that while everything I have done or been done to me to help shape me into what I am today, I have no long term ambitions and was completely blindsided by the fact that the other side of a degree ment actually figuring out my life and everything that comes with that. 

Again I'm ready to take the next step and enjoy the ride, but I'm very very sure that I'm going to be blindsided when that happens. 
Japanty Japanty
May 11, 2012