Where Are The Jobs?

When I was in high school, everyone said that life would be easier if I got a Degree.  While being an undergraduate, everybody said to just get a Degree and that it would open more doors to opportunity.  

I thought that if people got their Degree and did internships in their field, that they could land more opportunity.  Now, I have my Degree, got a job, then got laid off.  After getting laid off, I have a Degree and can't find a job! It's been 6 months of being unemployed!!

How come they don't tell people this before they get their Degree?  lol.  

Well, at least I have my Degree, better to be unemployed with a Degree then unemployed with no Degree. 
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Good luck with your job search. This recession is probably the deepest recesssion since the Great Depression. So, jobs will be very difficult to come by, regardless of one's level of education.<br />
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Today's employers are in the driver's seat and will continue to be there for quite some time. There are so many people who are unemployed that employers can have their pick of the lot. Employers can afford to be very exacting in what they demand of job candidates. If an employer wants skills ABC123XYZ456PDQ, you better have each and every one of those skills listed.<br />
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Again, good luck with your search. WHen the economy does get better, you'll at least have your degree to help you along.

sometimes its hard to find job but if your not choosy things will be easier and im sure you will find job try to check online job im sure alot is there anywhere.

One of the biggest problems with this economy right now is that it's an employer's market. Employers have a very specific check list they go by when they're hiring people. Quite often, these check lists have pretty near impossible requirements on them for a lower rate of pay than what the job would have paid just a few years ago. So, if you don't have each and every check box filled on that list, your chances of gaining employment are pretty nil.

Thanks bobrido, that's really helpful to know.

I've seen a lot of people in your spot. My first year business class was actually filled with people who had already gone to school in different fields. They either got laid off and couldn't find work again in their field or they couldn't get a job after they graduated. <br />
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It is really sad the way things are going right now. If more people were actually retiring then there would be more available positions for new graduates. A lot of my friends are in their 2nd year of nursing now and looking to switch because of the high schools. They told them that there are always high demands for nurses and people would beg them to work for them. Our local hospital just laid off 1/5 of the whole staff, most of them nurses... the high schools unfortunately are like a broken record, they just keep on sending kids into nursing programs with hopes of goods jobs.<br />
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I always assumed that once you graduated you were set for life, unless your field became obsolete to society. Now that I am grown up and educated I realize that no matter what you do it'll be tough to get a job you deserve.