You Have A Degree

So What. Depending on your Major, what will it do for you? Yes there are some degrees that are priceless and some that are very good and even some that are OK. Beyond those chosen fields what will you do with it? Probably not a whit. Will it get you a good job earning 60K+ ? I doubt it. There once were companies that would hire almost anyone who had a BA. You know the old basket weaving degree. Today those same companies laugh at you. Almost all the production and manufacturing companies are in Thailand or China. Degrees in the arts and life sciences are nice paperwork but will not even buy a loaf of bread. What this country desperately needs are qualified technitians in almost any field you can think of. Oh here is one. How about hearing aid specialist? The way kids are listening to screaming music with ear buds - they are going to need them in the future. JMHO
maninfl maninfl
70+, M
Jun 17, 2012