And What Has It Gotten Me...?

Nothing, other than a shitload of student loan debt and worthless piece of paper that I can't even be bothered to buy a frame for.

Unless you're a doctor or a theoretical physicist, college degrees really don't mean a whole hell of a lot in this society.

Sorry...rant over.
Tuva Tuva
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I worried so much was true. We must devise a plan to become rich.

I can relate... I hav a bachelors degree... But am now doing sales. Unrelated to my degree

Seems to me like you expected your college degree to work some sort of voodoo magic for you. Maybe it's time to get off your complaining *** and do something about it :) I have two degrees and a minor and almost all of them are completely worthless, but that didn't stop me from following my dream of being successful and making something work for me, not waiting around for a miracle like some.

Best of luck to you.

Wait...hold on....are you saying that the animal sacrifices and incense that I've been burning have been a total waste of time? Crap...looks like I have to start paying tribute to extinct Greek gods now. *shuffles off*

Yes, that is exactly what I was saying. Good job.

Can't agree with you more. I have a degree in biology and didn't do anything with it either. I had my own business which was making more at the time than I could have with the degree. Now I am barely making a living but at least I am still employed unlike many others that I know.

I am afraid this is a situation many find themselves in.

I absolutely AGREE!
Same here

Tell me about it, I see all these young people in college and I just shake my head. I have student loans and that's about it. My degree isn't worthy anything unless I want to get my masters. No way can I afford too. Not a risk I want to even take with how bad the job market is. I already made up my mind when my small children start school, I am going to go for nursing. But I wasted 5 years in college fr what? A paper and debt! What's the point of a degree, when where I live the normal salary is 50 thousand or less. I made 40 plus a year working in a busy club and at a busy bar, I didn't need a degree for that. I just feel like I wasted my time. I don't want to make under 50 a year, I want to make more than that.