I Have More Than One...

I currently have two and am starting working on my third.

I have always loved going to school and learning.
I like being taught something new and interesting.
I like the structure of school and the fact that I have things expected of me - homework, tests/quizzes, papers, etc.
And, I like the reward of learning something, and getting a good grade.
It does take dedication/work, determination and patience....but it is such a great feeling of accomplishment. You realize you are smarter than you thought and can do anything you put your mind to, and that makes it all worth it.

I have often wished I could be a student for life - or that it was somehow a job to be a full-time student. lol

I don't know...maybe I am just a nerd. :)
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I would love to start taking classes again to keep my mind sharp. Students are sharper and fresher in knowledge than people who have just been working for a few years. Grad school is too expensive for me, but maybe something interesting at a local college.

Yeah, that counts too.
Just doing stuff to stimulate your brain and make you think and learn new things is always good!

I have a health unit coordinaoer cert which is worth 18 crrdits and another 12 or so from a comm college back in the days peopleo school. And then you remember the great atmosphere of the classroom. When i make my choice i hp its a well tthought out one.

I think it ROCKS that you love it so much..... I honestly hated classrooms enough for the 2 of us!! I love to learn... but just not in a class... School phobic???? :O I don't think you're a bit nerdy just SMART!! :)

Aww, well thank you!

You are a nerd. A nerdie nerd. Welcome to the club.

Hat's off to you IJM. I love being educated and crave knowledge. Finances permitting I'd just keep going and going.

Exactly....damn finances...

The only problem with student as a full-time gig is the pay.

That is the truth! lol

And I'd love to go back to school. Prohibitively expensive, at the moment, though.

Yes it is, and it seems like tuition rates keep going up.
I am going to take just one or two classes at a time since I am paying out of pocket......luckily, I will not need as many classes thanks to my previous degrees.

Not a thing wrong (or nerdy) about enjoying academia!