For Four Years....

Four years of my life went by, obviously it seemed like a really long time. I graduated High School and College class, with a Business degree. I am very proud of myself. I don't think it
will last much longer, but I have to believe in myself because I know that I am capable of
achieving something. I decided I liked school at a young age, and I still want to learn. Now I
don't feel bad about what I did do. I always learned so much, now that I am older I can say it
is still very fun to learn. I have learned about how to deal with people which takes a lot of patience and time. It is a good occupation I know. I have tried to understand what I really want
out of life. To me Business consists of anything you consider important and that you put your
effort into. It isn't just handed to you. Well good luck guys. I will keep trying to find my way.
pearls37 pearls37
22-25, F
Oct 6, 2012