So there is a new series on MTV that I think accurately describes the plight of many college grads. Students are either struggling to find jobs or getting jobs in fields that they could have gotten without a college degree. Many times we end up settling for jobs outside of our fields because that is the only thing we can find. Who agrees?
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I agree! Some companies requires you to have a bachelor degree and years of work experience for an entry level job! They are outrageous!

I agree.

Lol! I definitely agree! I got my associates in business and couldn't find a job anywhere. I'm ok right now selling products online and it's working great so far. I actually made $688.00 in 3 days but if it doesn't go as planned then I guess i'll be where I was when I finished school...jobless. Selling for this company has actually worked out...I have time for myself and my hubby! ;0) You should consider starting your own business if things don't go so well but I will pray that God works in your favor! ;0)

i'm currently working retail

That's great! I'm glad you found a job!