Yes, I Have Two of Them. ...

Yes, I have two of them.   I have an AA in Library Science and an AA in Gerontology - my question is - do two AA's make a BA?
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Most who people who think degrees are worthless don't have one. A degree may not reflect one's IQ, however it does reflect their dedication to a body of work and the "process" of education.<br />
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Are there intelligent people without degrees? Of course. Are there some dummies with degrees? Yes. However, having your work constantly critiqued for 4-5 years shows that you don't mind putting in work. There are subjects that we all hated, but were required.<br />
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There is a reason many employers require employees above a certain level hold a degree from a college or university. <br />
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Anyone can obtain knowledge on a subject they love. College grads learn a body of work comprised of subjects they love and hate.<br />
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Many will say "I hold a degree in Life.". This completely oversimplifies the argument, for we ALL hold one of those. I cherish my degree. It's something I worked on for a long time. No one can take it away.

I have two AA degrees, one in computer networking and one in computer design. I am now working as an overnight security guard and work as a certified home health aid during the day, I don't live in a hub for design, but I am happy with my life.

ROFL - you are so generous anonymud!

" two AA's make a BA?"<br />
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Absolutely!<br />
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Get two more and we'll give you a Ph.D. :-)

I have several college degrees as well. I have a BS in management; a AA in Paralegal Studies; and an AA in accounting. This makes me a smart person. However, I have decided that it is not the degrees that make me who I am. I am going for medical assisting now. Do you want to know why?<br />
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Well, when my grandmother was dying from pancreatic cancer; I saw the health care field. I saw her in the ICU, SICU, and the regular wards. I saw the team of medical professionals, and I decided to go into healthcare. Having a college degree is great. I know what college life is about, and I can add a lot to the classroom. So far, with my medical assistant classes, I am averaging a 97, and my teacher is impressed because I display the analytical thinking that medical assistants should possess. It makes me feel good because I know the law; accounting, and business. My goal is one day to become a nurse; and having experience in the college setting helps me with the numerous quizzes and tests that I have to do to pass the state license requirements.<br />
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Sometimes it takes awhile to find what you want to do with your life. I do have a job that I am overqualified to do; however I am happy because I can walk down the street and people can rely on me if a medical emergency occurs.

Thanks, Happy on my soapbox there for a minute or two. It's just that it really gets under my skin when folks think the only place to get educated is formally. A person can learn just about anything they are interested in at the public library. You just have to have enough interest in your subject to get in there and dig. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want brain surgery performed by a self-taught surgeon, but you get my drift!

Hansarp,<br />
I could not have said it better myself. I grew up w/o electricity or running water in the middle of nowhere. I have to say that the most cherished and interesting conversations I've ever had were with people that lacked education but not life experience. I'm a junior a an ivy leage college and I can honestly say that the most important things I've learned were tought to me hand to hand in the forest or on a river bank. Those lessons were obout honesty, integrity and knowing one's self. Hansarp I've got to go but befor I do I would like to complement you on your writting style.<br />
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T.T.F.N.<br />

Depends if you are getting and EDUCATION or just a degree. And good for you and your can't argue the fact that every time you meet a new group of people the first two questions usually asked are, what do you do and where did you go to school and if you are totally an unknown in the crowd there is always a nose or two being looked down if you admit to being 'just a high school graduate'. <br />
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There are those of us out here who have a JOB to pay the bills, not a career built on ivy league (or any other foundations and have rolled up a pretty good store of knowledge by just being interested in stuff and reading a book or two - again, degrees do not reflect intelligence, just social status. I have hung with theoretical physicists, phd's in geology, history; had meaningful conversations with doctors lawyers and indian chiefs, and mostly held my own on any subject not based on technical knowledge of their field. A college degree is no substitute for organic intellectualism nor is it a prerequisite for knowledge obtained by simply having a roving mind.

First of all it is not about the money for me. I already make 68k/yr, it's just somethiing I realy want to do. I've spent two years working in an E.R. on a truma team for free, out of love. I just want to be able to do more. Secondly college can only narrow your thinking if you have no thoughts of your own or lack the communication skills to express them. <br />
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Don't let nay sayers get you down, if it is in your heart do it.<br />

Well, it does take a bit of doing to get a degree - I know they don't reflect intelligence though - actually I think they narrow a person's thinking. And, a license will get you money faster than a degree so you can pay your loans off. LOL

blah blah blah, degrees really don't reflect intellegence, just social status

How I wish two AA's = one BA I'm in the same boat trying to get my nursing degree. Unfortunatly I'm currently working 60 hrs a week to pay off the student laons I already have. I'm not dicouraged and know it will happen in it' own time.<br />
Good luck<br />
Happy hiker

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