The Road to Hell...

Quit high school when I was 17.  Had my GED in hand before my cohorts had graduated from high school.

Decided to go to college when I was 32.

Got a B.A. in Spanish.  Never used it for vocational purposes, but had a lot of fun in Mexico.

Went on and got teaching credentials.  Never used them.

Got an MA in teaching English.  Got several years of teaching outside the country (Korea, eastern Europe, Middle East) out of that.

Got an MS in Psychology.  Haven't used it yet.

People look at me like I'm wierd when they hear that I have two master's degrees, because you're supposed to go from master's level to Piling it Higher and Deeper.

But I just kind of like to spread it around.  :-)





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4 Responses Aug 31, 2008

but tell me what do you really do, lol

I thunk going to college was worthwhile. I learned tsuff tha gave me a better backgournd for understanding life. Got laid a lot, too.

You should probably try to use those degrees...there's no sense in going to college if you never use your degree. Ever thought about teaching Spanish or something? Or becoming a psychologist?

It's sounds like you haven't found your true calling yet.<br />
That's ok