I Gots Me a Cowledge Dugree

Yep, I took myself on down to dat enrollment place and got myself into a schoolin' cowledge.  They learned me real good there.  I went to a place called Southwest Texas State University.  Those dang varmints changed the name of the school after I left.  To Texas State University.  I gradiated wit a dugree in Anthropolgy (whutever the hell that is).  I somehow managed to maintain me some decent grades even though I drank myself silly during that time.  I finished with a 3.05.  YEPPPPPP!!!

ReformedAutomaton ReformedAutomaton
41-45, M
6 Responses Jun 20, 2007

mmm hmmm, thanks you much there pretty lady.


You are too funny.

MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY.....That's what life is about in LA, sorry I forgot LOL

I luv to read the writings of the collage teached peeps.

Oh wow you couldn't be any funnier!! Like I haven't heard that before. I love my life as a musician and student of life itself. Happiness doesn't come from money, didn't anybody ever tell you that?