A Master's Degree, Whoopeee

Quite warm it was for May, and me in my too-tight fitting Sears summer blazer.  I didn't sign up for the cap and gown thing in the Pit, no way anyone would be there to see me do it anyway. Our department had it's own little affair, quite pleasant and reasonably dignified.  Great backyard party that evening with the 'cohort' - a crab feast 1,500 miles from the Chesapeake.  Too funny watching the folks from the desert trying to figure out how to eat a freshly steamed, whole Maryland Blue crab.  It seems like ages ago. 15 years in the blink of an eye and miles and miles of road underfoot.  Quit my PhD candidacy ABD because I couldn't eat my research or pay the rent with my brilliance.  I remember  my committee chair sagely warning that so many end up dying ABD and never lifting a finger to find me funding. All but dissertation, all but dead, all by design.  Oh well, what's an anthropologist to do....
makela makela
46-50, M
Aug 17, 2007