Working On My Masters

I received my Associates in Applied Science in 2004 and my BA in 2008.

I graduated Magna *** Laude in Dec. 2008. However, I haven't been able to get a job in my field yet. I'll take ANY job and I apply for them all the time! Dang recession! Funding is cut to my profession - but, it's ok - the more the funding is cut - the more needed people in my profession are! 

I decided to go and get my Masters Degree. I figure by the time I finish my masters, the recession will be over (I hope) and funding will be plentiful. I want to graduate Summa *** Laude. If I do - I may apply for a fellowship and get my doctorates :)

While I understand WHY the middle word of my HIGH HONORS degree are being blanked out - I think its ridiculous!!!

Proud to announce that I have now completed my Masters Degree 9/14/2012. Three years after this story was written!! 2 points short of summa c u m laude!! I did it :)
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Good for you in finding a way to progress when everything else is at a steep decline. I know a lot of people who would just stay put, and wait for an opportunity to be handed to them, and woder why nothing is happening for them. <br />
<br />
I never went to college...I should have, but I have always liked working with my hands, making things, building is what I do best. But I admire someone that would work that hard to become a true expert in their chosen field...bravo!